WS 10-11 MASTER DESIGN | islands in the sky

03/10/2010 | birgitklauck

The studio will investigate the techniques and effects of levitation in architecture.

The act of disengagement from the ground and the subsequent space between building and ground is essentially a modern condition. Whether confronting circumstances of negotiation (air rights ownership / vehicular circulation), aversion (uninhabitable geographies / flood control), or accommodation (large masses / minimize obstruction); the potential of levitation has yet been explored to its fullest.

In order to further this development, levitation will be temporarily suspended from the ideological contingencies of modernism and be treated as but one materialist model for paradigms such as lightness or motion.

The studio will begin by looking closely at levitation from selected sub-disciplinary angles – urbanism, programming, structure, form, environmental systems, and architectural history, and from divergent scales – furniture, building, and infrastructure.

With this expanded taxonomy, the studio is treated as a laboratory for the production of levitation strategies. We will examine various technical and organizational incarnations of levitation in their physical and illusionary dimensions and deploy our findings within the context of a Library and Media Center project in Berlin.

Further information regarding the module structure >> TU Architektur Mastermodul 1

course language: English


Master and Diploma

MA A 1 Integrierter Entwurf I (Integrated Design Studio) // 8 LP (ECTS) // compatible with 1.2 Entwerfen for Diploma students
_in cooperation with FG Architekturdarstellung und -gestaltung, Prof Bonanni  // MA A 1 Darstellung 4 LP (ECTS)

bonus :: MA A WP 1.3 adip- Experimentelle Entwurfsmethoden II // 3 LP (ECTS)


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