29/03/2011 | birgitklauck

6 LP DESIGN – 3 LP Ausbau – 3 LP Gebäudetechnik
Advisors: Mark Lee – Birgit Klauck – Reimund Ross, NN

Guest Professor Mark Lee

For the last semester of the two-year-long investigation in variations on the theme of ‘island’ and ‘archipelago’ organizations, the studio will focus on the singular building as an island that bears the potentials of organizing its surrounding context.
The research of the semester will be structured around a series of grand tours while simultaneously working on an architectural project.

Having studied various island organizations in such as Art Islands, O.M. Ungers’ research on urban archipelagos, and techniques of levitation as a tool for the demarcation of islands, the studio will begin by visiting and analyzing the work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel in Berlin and Potsdam. Particular emphasis will be placed on the buildings’ aura and efficacy as singular objects as well as their capability of defining their surrounding environment.

A study trip to Los Angeles is planned between May 26 to June 4, where students will visit the work of Wright, Schindler, Neutra, buildings from the Case Study House Program, as well as a series of projects such as Pelli’s Pacific Design Center – out-of-scale singular objects that became attractors in their respective neighborhoods.

A three-day intensive workshop will be held in Berlin between May 4 to 6 with the Berlin and Paris based design collective BLESS and their students from the Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Karlsruhe. In this workshop, the students will explore cultural islands within the city of Berlin and their subsequent potentials of differentiating from their urban fabric while delineating their own identities.

Parallel to the grand tours and research work, the studio will work on designing a school of architecture that will take the volume of Schinkels’ Bauakademie as a point of departure. The projects will subsequently be implemented on various sites chosen by the students to test the efficacy of the Island Building in effecting the immediate urban context.

Further information regarding the module structure >> Master Integrierter Entwurf II

course language: English


Master and Diploma
MA A 2. Integrierter Entwurf II (Integrated Design Studio) // 6 LP

// the module is running over two semesters: Ausbau and Integration Gebäudetechnik will follow in WiSe 2011-12 – in order to finalize MA A 2 it is strongly recommended to take part in the ADIP Interior Spaces Module 1.2 // 3 LP

– Islands Are Forever | Innenraum // Module MA A WP 1.2 Interior Spaces II // 3 LP

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– Islands Are Forever | Schinkel research // Module MA A WP 1.4 Entwerfen Stegreif // 3 LP

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–  Islands Are Forever | L.A. trip // Module MA A WP 1.3 adip- Experimentelle Entwurfsmethoden II // 3 LP