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Master Walpflicht Modul MA A 1.3 – ADIP- Experimentelle Entwurfsmethoden II – 3 ETCS
Master Module MA A 1.3 – Design Theorie at ADIP
Course language: English

first meeting – Mo 24.10.2011 >> room Nr 606


It seems hard to imagine anything which is not (essentially) related to the idea of space, be it an object or a region of the reality, or abstract notions like speed or friendship. Nevertheless, there are few thinkers throughout the history who put the space in the center of their investigations, and when they do there is little agreement on the matter. Is space natural or produced; which comes first, the space or the time; is it one and geometrically homogeneous or are there many varieties of space; are social emancipation movements possible without the creation of their own space; can we imagine space; is thinking itself essentially spatial?

Some of the key authors and concepts to be introduced (the list simply contains possible directions of research, but the content of the seminar is subject to changes, depending on the students’ interests and the flow of interactions):

* Henri Lefebvre: the production of space, the reproduction of social relations of production, the right to the city /// Critics of Henri Lefebvre – Manuel Castells, David Harvey, Edward Soja (: spatial justice)

* Martin Heidegger / Maurice Merleau-Ponty: In-der-Welt-sein / être au monde; building means inhabiting (“Bauen ist Wohnen”) / the primacy of the dimension of depth

* Paul Virilio: dromology, speed-space, military space, aesthetics of disappearance

* Michel Foucault: heterotopia

* Zeno of Elea: paradoxes of space

* Otto Friedrich Bollnow: forms of inhabitancy in the Western world, space anthropology,  hodological space

* Zygmunt Baumann: liquid modernity, the tourist syndrome; le flâneur

* Bruno Latour: “buildings do not live in Euclidian space”, the Actor-Network Theory (ANT)

* Immanuel Kant: space as a priori intuition

* Parmenides of Elea: being as a perfect sphere

Students have the choice to write or to draw their final essays individually or in groups.


>> Mo  4 to 6 P.M.

first meeting Monday the 24th of October >> room Nr 606 (on the 6th floor of the architecture building)

enrollment starting at October the 17th in our office >> room Nr a 612


Cristian Dragnea


course language: English


Master Module MA A 1.3 – ADIP experimental design methods – 3 ECTS

kvv extract – adip ws 201112 design THEORIE.pdf

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