Mediations – short design exercise + workshop

22/02/2012 | adip office

Bachelor Wahlpflichtmodul – 1.1.6 Entwerfen Stegreif // elective – 1.1.6 Short Design Exercise – 3 ECTS
+ Workshop: Bachelor Wahlpflichtmodul – 1.1.7 Innovative und experimentelle Entwurfsansätze – 3 ECTS
– or –
Master Wahlpflichtmodul – 1.3 adip-Experimentelle Entwurfsmethode II – 3 ECTS
+ Workshop: Master Wahlpflichtmodul – 1.4 Entwerfen Stegreif II // elective – 1.4 Short Design Exercise II – 3 ECTS
Tutors: pisteras3000 (Rosario Talevi, Ana Vogelfang)
Course language: English


Mediation is a process, a translation and a transformation. The seminar will investigate the city’s dynamics: social determined forms of occupation, diverse cultural manifestations and strained political conflicts. We will study the possibilities of the performative and theatrical conditions of the urban realm.
Who decides what happens today in the city? Can we become an active part of this process?

Temporary alliances allow us to transform our individual engagement into collective projects.  raumlaborberlin have invited us to collaborate on die große weltausstellung 2012 to experience 1:1  a self generated initiative that exemplify Berlin’s urban transformation. The process involves us in: investigation, design proposals, construction, performance and documentation.

The seminar will propose itself as a platform where students, researchers, collaborators, friends and favorites meet to discuss and work together. It intends to inquire into forms of organization beyond the university context by encouraging thinking and acting on real time.
While architects are rendering 3D models of happy people enjoying sunny days, the city of today faces increasingly unpredictable mix situations; it is a place of controversies and the most challenging battlefield. Where do we position ourselves to play?


Bruno Latour explains in his book “Reassembling the Social” that mediators transform, translate, distort, and modify the meaning or the elements they are supposed to carry. Their input is never a good predictor of their output; their specificity has to be taken into account every time.
Architecture understood as a mediator, can define a place of action, connect, cooperate, exchange, transform, articulate dynamics until now autonomous, relate diverse actors and intervene in the process of building a common project.

Die Große Weltausstellung 2012 is a  project by raumlaborberlin at the Tempelhof Airfield during May and June.


collaboration, politics, occupy, infiltration, urban exploring, provisory, temporary, action, body, 1:1, engagement, networking, usage, experimental, ephemeral, spontaneous, cheap&chic, conflict, transformation, learning, tools, trial and error, community, crisis.


Mediations is a temporary alliance between pisteras3000 (ana vogelfang & rosario talevi) and raumlaborberlin hosted by the architecture, design, innovation program at TUB.
Seminar open for both bachelor and master. We are looking for up to 12 engaged and enthusiast players. Other fields of studies are encouraged to take part.
Inquires via e-mail: pisteras3000@gmail.com / pisteras3000.tumblr.com


First meeting: 16.04.2012
Time: mondays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: t.b.a.
+ Workshop: 14.05. – 18.05.2012 @ Berlin-Tempelhof (on site presence every day)


pisteras3000 (Rosario Talevi, Ana Vogelfang)
Course language: English


kvv extract bachelor – adip-sose12-mediations-ba1.1.7 + adip-sose12-mediations-ba1.1.6
kvv extract master – adip-sose12-mediations-ma1.3 + adip-sose12-mediations-ma1.4

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