ADIP Master design studio – PLACE ACTIVATORS

23/02/2012 | birgitklauck

Master Modul MA A 3 – Integrierter Entwurf III 5 LP // Städtebau 5 LP // PIV 3 LP (Prof Bostjan Vuga)

Course Language: English


OPEN STUDIO > Wednesday 11.4.12 – 10:30 AM – A 204

We will explore the potential of architectural interventions as catalyst for future urban transformation and renewal – with a focus on the specific needs of cities without growth. By doing so we will investigate the impact and influence of architecture, as physical artifacts, on the urban structure.

An intensive workshop in Trieste is part of the studio program**. The Trieste workshop will be an intensive working week taking place in a warehouse on the Porto Vecchio site. The workshop is organized in cooperation with local players (chamber of commerce, port authorities) and academics from the Universities of Ljubljana and Trieste. Students from both Universities will join and we will work in mixed teams. An additional design task is waiting for those who join us.
Dates: 12.5. – 20.5.2012

**it is not mandatory to take part – expenses are not covered – we have no confirmation from possible sponsors yet

kvv extract – adip-place activator-studio-master.pdf


Course language is English.
Course times: Thursdays + Fridays.
First meeting t.b.a.

visit our design studio presentation on April, 10 2012 at approx. 2 p.m. in room A 151

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