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12/04/2012 | birgitklauck

Porto Vecchio Research and Study Centre

Step A & B – hand in until Thursday the 19th of April before 4 PM – in a 204 or in our office a 61 / room nr a 612

inquiries should be send to mail(at)adip.tu-berlin.de

Step A – Volumetric Study

Define a precise program brief for a University and Research Institutions in Trieste – in case you need some suggestions see design-studios/bachelorthesis

This program should include a temporary public program (such as a Regatta Center for the Barcolana harbor race) which needs to be defined by yourself.

Define the (approx.) volumes and analyze these according to the following spatial categories:
1 permanent / temporal / shared
2 open / semi open / enclosed
3 least defined shape / most defined shape
4 lit / semi lit or shadowed / dark
5 positioning on perimeter / shallow / deep
6 transit / semi transit / non transit
The volumes need to be build/cut in colored styrofoam. Arrange them according to the above mentioned categories and document your findings on 1 A3 size (landscape) sheets.

Come up with at least two different options on how to distribute the volumes accruing to the categories. Document your alternative suggestions on 1 or 2 A3 size (landscape) sheets.

**Step A should be documented on 3 A3 sheets max.

Step B – Porosity Study

Analyze the following buildings – Cordoba Mosque, San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, Rolex Learning Center – with a focus on
1 urban porosity
2 external porosity
3 internal porosity
Come up with your own method to visualize both the specific porosity and your conclusions. Document the results on 3 A3 size sheets (landscape).
To do that you can follow the example of the Regatta Center documented in the <porosity introduction>.
However you are encouraged to make use of 3 dimensional models, experimenting with different materials or diagrammatic 3d drawings (in plan or as exploded isometric drawings)!




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