ADIP Master design studio – PLACE ACTIVATORS

21/04/2012 | birgitklauck

Master Modul MA A 3 – Integrierter Entwurf III 5 LP // Städtebau 5 LP // PIV 3 LP (Prof Bostjan Vuga)

Course Language: English


The design studio will explore the potential of architectural interventions as catalyst for future urban transformation and renewal – with a focus on the specific needs of cities without growth. By doing so we will investigate the impact and influence of architecture, as physical artifacts, on the urban structure.

Trieste stands as an example for many medium size Central European cities facing the problem of stagnation, decline and overaging. Paradigmatically within the city the old Porto Vecchio, a former free port, is awaiting ideas and strategies for future revitalisation. This will be the test site for our supposition.

Hypothetically the impact of architectural interventions will foster a sustainable development in cities without growth which would not have happened otherwise. Thus the design studio will focus on testing the potential of these interventions as catalyst for future urban transformation and renewal. In the context of decline and negative growth the argument that architecture – as physical artefact – has the potential to foster and speed up urban renewal towards a sustainable city fabric is new and needs to be proofed.

The project is divided in two phases
1. specification of local conditions, description of overall policies and planning approaches;
2. designing and testing of possible interventions.

The work programme focuses on the development and test of strategies and instruments to overcome stagnation. Similar to the functioning and effects of „place-making“ which is about the experience of people, this project is intended to start a debate in the local community and will put the notion of public space as a place for discourse and continuing attention into attention again.

The semester program encloses lectures, field work involving the analysis of the urban fabric, student presentations in cooperation with local players and working excursions. Concluding a public presentation in Trieste is envisioned which summarises the projects in general.

Course language is English.
Course times: Thursdays + Fridays.

Further Introduction Tu – 24.4.12 – 10 am – a 612

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