06/09/2012 | birgitklauck

Bachelor 1.1.7 Innovative und experimentelle Entwurfsansaetze
3 ECTS – language English and German – tutor Birgit Klauck

PLACE-MAKER – Infrastructure & Architecture

New design techniques and the demand for enhanced environmental performance challenge the conception of infrastructural systems and networks. At the same time architecture‘s traditional archetypes are challenged – buildings become ramps, networks or wrapped surfaces. Their relationship to the ground is being reconsidered – buildings carve into the ground or are lifted high into the air. Thus offering the opportunity to couple two, seemingly contradicting, characteristics: speed and repose.
Within this seminar we will look at selected projects, we will explore design principles, analyse design techniques, structural systems and network performances. We will present and critically discuss these projects and by doing so we will extract formal strategies for future building types. A compendium will be compiled.

The seminar will be taught in the context of the Master and Bachelor designs studio “PLACE-MAKER“ by ADIP.


2012 adip research || elective

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