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06/09/2012 | birgitklauck

Bachelor 1.1.6 Entwerfen 6 || Master WP.ADI.03
3 ECTS – language English and German – tutor Birgit Klauck and David Ruic


next:housing is a short design exercise dealing with the question: “how do we want to live in the future?”
(short design exercise or Stegreif is a fast design study on a specific topic and with a limited timeframe of two weeks only)

On Wednesday the 24th of October 10 AM we will introduce the topic and hand out the assignment – location: our studio a 204.

Enrollment – on the day of the introduction.


kvlv-Bachelor: Entwerfen Stegreif 1.1.6 NEXT:HOUSING.pdf

kvlv-Master: Entwerfen Stegreif NEXT:HOUSING WP(3).ADI.03.pdf


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