2012-13 Master | Aufgabe NULL

04/10/2012 | birgitklauck

Handout and Introduction: Wednesday 10.10.2012
Upload / Hand-in: Wednesday 17.10.2012 before 5 PM
Presentation and discussion will start on Thursday 18.10.2012 at 11 AM


autobahn inhabited bridges

For more information come to our Open Studio > Thursday 11.10.2012 – 10.00 AM in ADIP studio a204

First meeting and presentation of Aufgabe NULL > Thursday 18.10.2012 – 11.00 AM in ADIP studio a204

ADIP_Aufgabe NULL.pdf

With your first conceptual study you will investigate variations on the theme of „hybridisation“ and „bridging“.
When giving up the strict separation of programmatic or functional aspects – like for example: bridge as a devise to link
point A with point B – in favour for a more integral approach towards design, one gains the freedom to combine
complementary elements and programs, thus achieving new links between urban systems and architecture.

Your task: come up with a visual and verbal presentation of an inhabited bridge structure over a notional highway.
This is a purely visionary study sharing your ideas and imaginations with us and your colleagues alike. Envisage what
could happen if you combine a bridge with the notion of habitat.
Your visual presentation should be an abstract sketch study, showing the atmospheric qualities of an inhabited bridge
over a fictional highway. Use the method of collage as a medium of presentation. The collage may be done on the computer
with photoshop or analogously with your hands, paper and clue (in that case black and white is recommendable).
Additionally find a phrase, no more than 10 words, which adds to the presentation  the phrase might be an unexpected
juxtaposition, extending the exploration into the future or a new-found phrase out of a narrative reps. non-fictional text.

Due: two A3 prints with collage and phrase.

Handout and Introduction: Wednesday  10.10.2012

Hand-in: Wednesday 17.10.2012 before 5 PM
Please pin your A3 prints landscape formated continously in two rows on the walls of our studio – row 1= visual presentation,
row 2= phrase. The phrase should be written in Arial, font size 18 – placed in the center of the second A3.
Location:  ADIP – studio A 204

Upload: send a pdf to ADIP <mail@adip.tu-berlin.de>
Make sure to name your file as follows > A0_your name_your matrikel number.pdf

Presentation and discussion will start on Thursday 18.10.2012 at 11 AM.
Your presence is anticipated.


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