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23/10/2012 | birgitklauck

Bachelor 1.1.6 Entwerfen 6 || Master WP.ADI.03
3 ECTS – language English and German – tutor Birgit Klauck and David Ruic


postponed until Monday the 5th of November 2012 – 1 PM in our studio – room nr a204

((for those of you who cannot make it on Monday, please let us know – there will be an alternate date Thursday 8.11.2012))

next:housing is a short design exercise** dealing with the question: “how do we want to live in the future?”

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In the past innovation in housing was often connected to social changes paired with technical progress or economic needs. Today we observe a paradigm shift which is driven by the demographic change of our society. Housing is no longer a question of a singular building type to be developed in accordance to our strict regulations concerning energy efficiency. Instead the question of housing is broadening – it starts with issues of urban design and ends with the detail of our very private bedroom.

Within this short design project we will investigate variations on the theme of future housing.

Students will be asked to state a specific topic – i.e. urban farming, home away from home, sociology of the table and so on – and come up with 1. a written statement and 2. a project proposal illustrating the preceded thesis.


Enrollment – on the day of the introduction

Hand-In and discussion – two weeks later


** short design exercise or Stegreif is a fast design study on a specific topic and with a limited timeframe of two weeks only