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28/01/2013 | birgitklauck

For more information on the enrollment procedure please visit: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION – SELECTION PROCEDURE


ADIP offers the unique opportunity to join our EU sponsored intensive working weeks program which will take place in May 2013 in Venice as part of our summer design studio.

Future Cities: Demographic Change and Local Differentiation
The impact of architecture as physical artifact on the urban development.

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Express your interest in the design studio program by sending an E-mail to <mail@adip.tu-berlin.de>

Join our introduction on Tuesday the 19th of February – 11  A.M. – Halle 6 (in front of room nr. a 612).


The objective of the program is to investigate the potentials of architectural interventions as catalyst for future urban transformation and renewal – with a focus on the specific needs of shrinking or declining cities in Central Europe. For this intensive working weeks program four universities from different regions in Central Europe co-operate. Our partners are: Technical University Graz, Univerza v Ljubljani, Università Iuav di Venezia. The EU/DAAD sponsored program aims to enhance the exchange between students and academics as well as between academics and local players.


Basic Facts

The working weeks will take place in Venice, Italy from 02.05.2013 until 14.05.2013. Students who join the program need to attend all activities which are offered within the context of the working weeks. (A detailed program will be published at the end of February.)

Traveling expenses are covered; additionally there is a daily allowance for each student.

The Future Cities program is open to all architecture (BA 3rd year and master level) students and to urban design students. Further on we would like to encourage students from related disciplines, like landscape architecture, architectural sociology and others to join in.

The working weeks program is an essential element of our design studio in the summer term, which starts at the 11th of April and ends on July the 12th. Starting with an urban analysis and finalizing the project with an elaborate design proposal, Berlin students will accumulate 12 ECTS (LP) in total. For the two working weeks (including preparation and post-processing) 6 ECTS will be awarded. (BA 1.1.5 Entwerfen / Arch_M_E_01/ Arch_M_E_03)

For students in related fields it will count as one or two of the elective seminars – details still need to be defined.



Deadline for your initial application is Wednesday the 13th of February. For more information on
– the enrollment see: SELECTION PROCEDURE
– the program, i.e. objectives, methodology, timeline see: FUTURE CITIES IP


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