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05/10/2014 | birgitklauck

BA Module 1.1.5 Entwerfen
MA Module
Arch M E. 01 Entwurfsprojekt Hochbau I, Arch M E. 03 Entwurfsprojekt Städtebau I

ADIP and CHORA offer the opportunity to join our ongoing Future Cities Program by collaborating with one of the already established design teams.

-adip-WISE1415-PIV-IP FutureCities


Further informations on the program and the team proposals will be available on futurecities.si
These conceptual studies (published on the futurecities.si website) have been produced in the context of an international workshop held in Ljubljana in September 2014. The aim of our ongoing program is it to come up with detailed design projects based on one of the given conceptual proposals.

This design studio may be completed in three sessions of 4 to 5 days over a one semester period. Individual desk crits may be arranged.The final outcome will be a the Future Cities II magazine.


will be published as soon as possible




This is a collaboration of ADIP with CHORA
Birgit Klauck, Tomaz Pipan and Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann


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