27/04/2015 | birgitklauck

With the workshop in Albania ADIP will investigate the field of intervention for the practice of commoning in the context of  informal urbanization. Based on a prototypical proposal for the provision of common facilities and community gardens the workshop will evaluate the possibilities of a project implementation by talking to diverse actors and stakeholders. Mediating between bottom-up and top-down organization the studio is aiming at the mobilization of self-organizing practice in a contemporary urban landscape supporting local actors and introducing a design process on the ground.

Preliminary Program—1st/2nd day: Field trips in Tirana, Durana and the coastal  region for the evaluation of possible sites; 3rd/4th day: Meetings with the community and stake-holders; 5th day: Evaluation of the meetings/design adjustments; 8th/9th day: Documentation of the results (Please note: the dates for the workshop have to be confirmed).

In collaboration with EPOKA University Tirana and atelier le balto.

The Albania studio will accept a selected number of students on the basis of individual interviews.

Validation: 3 ECTS (upon request it can be also validated as semester project)

Candidates should apply until May 21st by sending an e-mail to 



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