27/04/2015 | birgitklauck


As follow-up on the summer school ‘Tropical Architecture in the Anthropocene’, which took place in March 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, the block seminar will focus on the application of investigations on climate-adapted architecture for a prototypical design of a low-income housing unit (including outside areas).

Besides the technological aspects of sustainable low-cost construction the block seminar will also address the relationship between habitation and nature in view of the new paradigm shift as it occurred with the proclamation of the new geological age of the Anthropocene.

While the prototypical design proposal will be adapted to the conditions of tropical climate it will also raise the question how future habitats and living models in the Anthropocene will look like.

Preliminary program:

Monday May 11th – Wednesday 13th: Work sessions in the space of the Hybrid Platform (TU Berlin EB 326) from 10am – 18pm followed by a lecture/talk by an invited guest.

Thursday May 14th: Public Holiday

Friday May 15th: 15pm Presentation of the results with invited guests

Validation: 3ECTS

Inscriptions for the block seminar until May 4th (extended deadline) by sending an e-mail to mail@adip.tu-berlin.de

In collaboration with UdK (Elena Schütz, Julian Schubert, Leonard Streich) and Hybrid Platform.


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